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Terms Of Use

When you subscribe to this site you accept and agree to our terms of use.
The following document sets terms and policies that govern the use of If you violate any of the terms herein your account will be terminated and you’ll be blocked from the future use of the site.

Once submitted, your order is final and there will be no changes or modifications. Since each ticket is unique, after your order is received you’ll be notified by telephone or by e-mail. If there’s a problem concerning your order, we will contact you as soon as possible.

We’re not obligated to accept any order, or to make any repayments, exchanges or cancellations, except if we could not fill your order. If the tickets ordered are no longer available at the time your order is received, we have the right to replace them with equivalent seating for the same event if there is, if not we will cancel the charge or issue a full refund quickly.

We are not responsible for the stolen or damaged tickets. So, we urge you to keep your tickets at a safe place because we can not replace them for you. Make sure that we’re not responsible for postponements, rescheduled events, or time changes. If an event is cancelled, you will receive a refund of the price you paid for tickets but not the shipment fees. is a licensed and independently owned company. We’re not associated with any other ticketing companies or web-sites or box office.

We cannot guarantee that the listings on our site are totally accurate at any given time, since we process orders once a day. And tickets that have been listed before you look for them on our site may have previously been ordered by others. Therefore, ticket availability and prices shown could be changed without notice. We can not guarantee the availability of tickets you’re seeing on our site. You may have accurate information by contacting us by phone.
When you order tickets on our website we’ll check for the availability of tickets order. When your order is accepted, we will confirm that for you. Make sure that we’re not obliged to fill your ticket order unless we confirm that for you. And in cases we could not fill your order you’ll be notified about that too.
If an order is rescheduled, we have the right to replace your tickets to an equal event or better for the same event at no additional cost.
When you make an order at Ticketcover, you authorize us to charge your credit card once you’re able to fill your order.
You are responsible for providing your correct billing and shipping address. We will charge you a fee if we have to re-route a shipment we have already sent because of your error in supplying the shipping address.

Any violation of the terms set above causes the termination of your account and you’ll be blocked from any next use of the site.